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  • Up to 1000 Word Submission
  • Deadline: March 17 11:59PM PST
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Workshop Details

Workshop — Call for papers

The deadline has passed but we still have a limited number of places available — Submit your paper to:

On Saturday May 6th 2017 we will gather at UC Boulder for a 1 day discussion on the state of Crisis Informatics research within HCI. A significant body of work has now been produced over the 10 year history of Crisis Informatics; now is a good time for critical reflection on what has been accomplished and where we are headed.

A potential output of this meeting is a short position paper on the major challenges facing Crisis Informatics research. What are the most important questions in this field that we as a community should be addressing? We ask those who would like to participate to submit a brief position statement on one topic that you think is particularly pressing for research in this field.

Send submissions to by 11:59PM March 17, 2017 Pacific Time. Submissions should be up to 1000 words, including references.

Acceptance notifications will be sent out on March 17th 2017.

Organizing Committee

  • Dharma Dailey, University of Washington
  • Robert Soden, University of Colorado
  • Nick Lalone, Penn State University
  • Melissa Bica, University of Colorado
  • John Robinson, University of Washington
  • Tom Wilson, University of Washington